Jumbo Afghani Mamro Badam (Crop of Afghan)


What Special in Jumbo Afghani Mamro Badam

  • This Mamro Badam is Crop of Afghanistan having Jumbo in Size.
  • Mamra Almonds Are Rich Source Of Proteins, Minerals & Vitamins. It Prevents Coronary Artery Disease. It Prevents Skin Disorder, Anemia & Respiratory Diseases
  • Mamra almonds cultivation is organic in nature .
  • Mamra among contains up to 50% oil whereas normal American almond only contains 25–30% oil in it.
  • Oil in the almond is the main storage unit of nutrition in the almond. Apart from qualitatively,
  • Mamra almond is much more nutritive than other species of almond.
  • Deliciously Crisp, Extremely rich in nutrition and an exotic nut.
  • Mamra is also richer in sugar content than the other types of Almonds.


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About Product

Net Weight 250 Grams
Quantity Per Cartoon 250 gram x  20 box = 5 kg  Nett
Brand Bankatji
Ingredient Type Vegetarian
Ingredients Almond Kernels
Packaging Box Packing
Self Life 180 Days
Flavour / Type Jumbo Size
Country Of Origin Afghanistan
Specialty Natural without any Polish