Peri Peri Flavour Oven Roasted Almond


What Special in Peri Peri Almond?

This Peri Peri Almond is special combination of Cashews enrich with high quality of Indian spices with lots of healthful properties.

  • Oregano – Reduce Viral Infection
  • Red Chilly Flakes – Fights Inflammation and Pain.
  • Garlic – Potentially a powderful antibiotic
  • Onion – Glowing Skin and Long Hair
  • Black Pepper – High in antioxidant
  • Salt – Keeps Body Hydrated
  • Rock Salt – Maintain Blood Pressure


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About Product

  • Almond are very nutritious and powerhouse of Protein and Essential Minerals.
  • Super quality premium dry oven roasted Almond Nuts.
  • Almond Kernals are processed at our own factory to ensure quality and freshness.
  • Our nuts are exclusively dry roasted with heated air and never fried in oil.
  • Handpicked kernals Almond of Finesh Quality.
  • To retain Quality please store in cool and Dry Place.


Other Details


Net Weight 250 Grams
Quantity Per Cartoon 250 gram x  60 box = 15 kg  Nett
Brand Bankatji
Ingredient Type Vegetarian
Ingredients Almond Kernals, Red Chilly, Chilly Flakes, Oregano, INS330, Black Pepper,

Garlic, Onion, Sugar, Salt, Milk Solid, Malto Extract, Permitted Preservative (INS211)

Packaging Food Grade Plastic Pet Jar
Self Life 180 Days
Flavour / Type Peri Peri Flavour
Country Of Origin India
Specialty Oven Roasted